Saturday, 1 September 2012


Entry no.14
26 August 2012
10.19 p.m

Hello ! Today I want to share about the solutions to overcome the stress among students .

1-First strategy that students can do is to plan their time well. Students should have their own time-table to keep their daily planner. Besides that, students also should give priority to the most important activities and do them first. Then, work through one task at a time, try to avoid postponing the task.

Students should decide how much time they need for each job. Students should be realistic about what they can do and be careful not to over organize because that can became students more stress.

2-Students should develop a positive interactive relationship with family and friends. Family and friends are a key component of our life.

So, provide students with friendship, love and support in times of need. Set aside some time each day to talk and relax together. The informal and relatively unstructured relationship not only can be extremely meaningful to students in sharing information.

A relationship can assist students to sense how well they are progressing, establish meaningful goals, and clarify important priorities and outcomes.

3-students can speak to someone that they trust about their problems. Students can share their worries and concern with spouse, family, and friends to help relieve their emotional burden and provides with emotional support.

Then, students should try joining relevant support groups in their community. Students also can call a helpline if they need to speak to a counselor.

4-Students need to learn to like themselves and to think positive. Students must be happy with themselves and should be proud who they are.

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