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Smoking .

Entry no.17
29 August 2012
01.19 a.m

Cigarette smoking has disastrous consequences: It damages just about every organ of the body and leads to the general deterioration of the smoker's health.Cancer was one of the first diseases that researchers linked to cigarette smoking, and it continues to be smoking's most notorious health effect.Lung cancer is most closely linked to cigarette smoking. Smoking also affects the heart and the circulatory system, and has been linked to coronary heart disease .

 Cigarette smoking's effects are widespread and include damage to:
  • Skin. Smoking prematurely ages the skin, causing facial wrinkles. It also slows the skin’s healing ability and has been linked to skin cancer.
  • Eyes. Smoking has been linked to the development of cataracts, a condition in which the clear lens of the eye becomes cloudy. Cigarette smoking also can cause macular degeneration and do damage to the optic nerve.

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