Monday, 15 October 2012


16 October 2012
12.04 a.m

English is essential. It has become the most popular language of communication between countries and in many fields of human . So we must learn how to use English. Otherwise we will be at a disadvantage.
The only effective way of improving my English is to use it, as often as possible.
In school, the only time when English is used is during English lessons. That certainly is not enough. So wherever possible I speak English with some friends and teachers who will or can speak English with me.
Reading book, magazines and newspapers are good ways of improving my English. On the whole they are grammatically correct. We may speak incorrect English andget away with it. Not so with printed words, they have to be correct. Through reading, I learned how to use correct English in writing and speaking, though at times I still speak the broken English that many of us speak here.
Watching television and listening to the radio are two more ways of improving my English.
So I continue to use English, that is, hear, read, speak and write it. Some of my friends only hear and read it. They can hardly speak or write it, but I will not be like them. I will try my best to master it.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


entry no25
12 september 2012
10.16 p.m

There are several reasons why money is important. I will just list some of the main reason. Without money you would not be able to live in your own house, buy groceries, buy a car or gas. Many years ago, people use to barter. Which meant if I had eggs and you had cabbage, then I would trade you my eggs for some of your cabbage and so on. If I have the money I want to build the big bunglow at the hills. It have many gardens in there. It have  many colouful flowers.We will feel excited when we see the flowers. We can see the sun rises every morning.  Then, I’m also want the swimmig pool in my house. The swimming pool is at the balcony. I can swim to feel my stress. I hope what i dream will come true. So , I must work hard to achieve my dream!!
                                                                  i LOVE money...

Self confidence .

 Entry 24
10th September 2012
11.56 p.m

Do you feel like you aren't good enough? Do you feel like someone else deserves success more than you? Here are steps to building self confidence:

1. Be clear on who you are, and focus on where you are going. You must know who you are and what you want in life in order to get it. If you don't know, find out. Ask yourself questions and search for answers.
 2. Accept the truth about yourself both good and bad, and be okay with it. Know your strengths and know where you need improvement. We all have them; utilize your strengths and build up your weaknesses. Successful and confident people do this all the time. They don't allow their shortcomings to hold them back, they improve upon them.

3. Surround yourself with like minded and supportive people. There is a magical energy being around supportive people. They can help you get you to where you want to go, and encourage you to be your best.

How to look amazing

Entry no.23
7th September 2012
11.44 p.m

How to look amazing ?

1 . Get your sleep pattern set. Try for at least eight hours of uninterrupted slumber. Keep your bed setup simple, a few comfortable pillows, clean sheets, quilts/blankets/comforters that make you feel nice and warm .
2. Make sure you remember to have good hygiene. Wash and condition hair with shampoo for your hair type, brush your teeth, and lastly use a facial wash to gently exfoliate your face.
3.  Always smile and be happy. You should love and accept yourself always.
4 . Get up at least 1.5 hours before you have to leave for school/work, get on a treadmill/go outside and jog for about 30 minutes. It will help you feel wide awake faster.
5. Eat healthy. If you have acne prone skin, don't worry about avoiding excess oily, sweet, or spicy food, because there is no link found between them and acne, BUT if you feel that they hinder your skin's natural beauty, then stay away.
6.  During each weekend, allow at least half of a day to personal grooming. Apply a deep conditioning masque to your hair to repair any damage. Do a facial masque to deep clean your pores and once a month.

Thank you .

My Roommates .

 Entry no.22
6th September 2012
09.36 p.m

Assalamualaikum . Hello ! For this entry , I want to introduce you all my roommates .Before that , I want to explain a little about that . After I googled it , I found that roommate is actually a person who shares a living facility such as an apartment or dormitory. Roommate is also someone that you spending much time together,sharing gossip or whatever you want to do with his or her .
 Aidatul Umierah binti Mohd Zol is the one of my roommates. She was born on 19th February 1994 . She came from Terengganu and she really like keropok lekor . Next , Nurul Nashra binti Abdullah . She was born on 9th April 1994 and came from Kuala Lipis,Pahang . And the last one is Najatul Shahira binti Hanif which is the tallest among we are . She was born on 13th November 1994 and came from Maran,Pahang.

For this 4 months , I have spending much great time with them and i hope that our friendship will long lasting here and after , until forever .

Thank you for reading ! Bye ~

About my ambition .

 Entry no.21
5th September 2012
11.13 p.m

Hello everyone ! This is already my 21th entry and today I want to share with you about my ambition which is as a dentist . Dentist is also known as a dental surgeon . Dentist is a health care practitioner that specialises in the diagnosis , prevention and treatment of diseases and conditions of the oral cavity . The majority of dental treatments are carried out to prevent or treat the two most common oral diseases which are dental caries (tooth decay) and periodontal disease (gum disease/pyorrhea)
. The qualification that required is Degree in Doctor of Dental Surgery or Degree in Doctor of Dental Medicine . In general, the dentist will earn around RM 3000 until RM 8000 per month . In order to achieve my ambition , I must work hard and cannot give up easily .

Thank you for reading .

My mom .

 Entry no.20
3rd September 2012
10.35 p.m

Assalamualaikum ! Hello there ! This is my 20th entry and today I want to share about my beloved one who is my mother . My mother , Noria binti Yusof, is the best mother in the world . She is a teacher at SMK Badrul Alam Shah . On 8th November 1970 , she was borned and now she is already 42 years old . She is a good teacher and of course , a very loving and caring mother . She is always there when I need her,always there when I need her shoulder to cry on . She is such a patience mother because she never complaining in order to raise me and my brother and sisters . I dedicate this song's lyric to my beloved mother . She is the number one for me .

I was a foolish little child
Crazy things I used to do
And all the pain I put you through
Mama now I'm here for you

For all the times I made you cry
The days I told you lies
Now it's time for you to rise
For all the things you sacrificed

If I could turn back time rewind
If I could make it undone I swear that I would
I would make it up to you
If I could turn back time rewind
If I could make it undone I swear that I would
I would make it up to you

Mom I'm all grown up now
I'ts a brand new day
I'd like to put a smile on your face everyday

Mom I'm all grown up now
And it's not too late
I'd like to put a smile on your face everyday

You know you are the number one for me
You know you are the number one for me
You know you are the number one for me
Oh oh
number one for me

Thank you for reading ! Bye-bye .