Saturday, 1 September 2012

Last day .

Entry no.13
25 August 2012

Hello there ! It is my 13th entry . I woke up late again in this morning like yesterday . I had such a good sleep last night . I had nasi lemak for my breakfast cum lunch . I really like my mom's nasi lemak , it is so delicious . My mom is a good cook. She can cook anythings and she loves cooking very much . After had my meals , I had a shower and as usual, my favourite activity when I at home, which is watching television . Then , I spend my times with my sisters and brother , played games together . It was such a good times when I can spent my times with my siblings . At night , my siblings and I including my parents were spend times together in front of the television,watched movies together . And now , I am here on my bed in front of my lappy , writing this entry . Tomorrow, I must go back to KMPH and continue my life as a student there .

Thank you for reading .

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