Monday, 30 July 2012

I'm a new blogger !

Entry no1
30th July 2012
09:17 pm

That's me ! PEACE !

Assalamualaikum . Hello ! I'm still fresh in this blog's world . This is my first post and actually my classmates and i are being forced to create this blog by our own english lecturer . He asked us to write 3 entries per week . It is like a burden to me but when i think it wisely , actually this is how he want us to learn about english and at the same time to explore the cyber world . Then , he want us to communicate with others by using the social network activities like blogging,chatting and so on .

This is my english lecturer (Handsome,right ? hehe )
By the way , it is already 11th days in Ramadhan . This Ramadhan is not same like past year's Ramadhan . It is my first time being far away with my beloved family and at this moment , i really want to berbuka puasa with them . I really miss my mother , my father and all my siblings .

This is my brother and sisters (from left:umar,lisya,lina and liya)
I think that's all for this time .
Thank you for reading this entry ! Bye ~

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