Tuesday, 31 July 2012

I as a KMPH student !

Entry no2
31th July 2012
03:35 pm

Assalamualaikum ! Hello everyone . Today is already 31th July,which is the last day for this month ! For your information , now i study in KOLEJ MATRIKULASI PAHANG and it is about 2 month i been here .
This is my college overview .

Office . (HEP building)

Based on my experienced for this 2 month , life as a matric student is quite tired and difficult . I must do everything by my own . In the first 2 week i have been here , i was feeling depressed and felt like want to 'run' back to my house . But when i think it wisely , it is not easy to get a success and i must put many effort to make my dreams become reality . Now , i did not feel like that anymore and i am trying to achieve my dreams , here .Insyaallah . "If ALLAH brings you to it , HE will bring you trough it " .
Thank you for reading ! Have a nice day . Bye ~

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